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Heirloom Quality Glass - Guaranteed.

I want your jewellery to last.  I have worked hard to insure that my glass has structural integrity.  It is a funny thing, glass.  It is thought of as being fragile.  Not so when it comes to Bijouxbead jewellery.  I heat it to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit!  I sometimes bathe it in acid!  I sometimes sandblast it!  I sometimes drop it!  It is super strong, and not in the least bit fragile.

I stand behind my work.  As such, if for whatever reason the glass breaks, I will replace it with a new piece of equal value.  There is no time limit on this guarantee.  Contact me, send me the damaged piece, and you will get a new piece, free of charge.  It is impossible for me to recreate any piece of glass exactly the same as another, but I will do my level best to create something you will love and have forever.