The Tiny Dancer Collection

I admit, pink is not my favourite colour.  I don’t know why.  Nor is it my daughter’s.


One of my most favourite photographs is of her, at age four, sitting on the floor, looking pensively at her feet, hair in her eyes, stretching her hand out to twist at the tie on her ballet slipper.

She still trains in classical ballet, as a foundation for her modern contemporary dancing.  I marvel at her physical strength and strength of character, every day.  Each and every time I see her perform, I think of that photograph.  She was wearing the softest pink and her cheeks were flushed slightly, as if to match.

I acid etched the glass in this collection, which seems like a harsh thing to do, but the result is a pink that I truly love, just like her.
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Bracelet - Tiny Dancer
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