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The Pelee Island Collection

Pelee Island enjoys a Mediterranean-like climate that is one of Canada’s mildest.  It is a great place of migration, relaxation, and yes, wine.

Since it is surrounded by the beautiful waters of Lake Erie, I decided the focus of this collection would be the colour turquoise, because that is the colour I most associate with the Mediterranean.

Turquoise glass gets it’s colour from it’s copper content.  Depending on the level of oxygen I allow into the flame, the amount of heat I let the glass soak in, and whether or not I encase the turquoise glass in a clear transparent, the colours can shift, giving this collection great depth of character.
Bracelet - Pelee Island Beach
Bracelet - Pelee Island Cactus
Bracelet - Pelee Island Waters
Bracelet - Pelee Island Winery
Earrings - Pelee Island Beach
Earrings - Pelee Island Cactus
Earrings - Pelee Island Waters
Earrings - Pelee Island Winery
Necklace - Pelee Island Beach
Necklace - Pelee Island Cactus
Necklace - Pelee Island Waters
Necklace - Pelee Island Winery