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The Haliburton Highlands Collection

Several years ago, I spent some time in Haliburton, collecting rocks as heavy as I could lift.  I put them in my car and drove them to my home in Toronto, where I was building a stone lined pathway that meanders through a piece of woodland.  The project took four years to complete.

Those rocks were all slightly different, yet, to me, distinctively from Haliburton.  Beautiful browns, creams and beiges, with just a hint of pink, here and there.

I tried to recreate what is see in those rocks in this collection.  This collection is supposed to be earthy, organic, subtle and natural looking.  I often go to that pathway, to sit on the biggest rock and think.
Bracelet - Haliburton Highlands Creamy Brown
Bracelet - Haliburton Highlands Spiced Pink
Earrings - Haliburton Highlands Creamy Brown
Earrings - Haliburton Highlands Spiced Pink
Necklace - Haliburton Highlands Creamy Brown
Necklace - Haliburton Highlands Spiced Pink