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The Guelph Gryphon Collection

I am a Guelph University alumni, and this collection reflects the University's spirit. A Gryphon is a symbolic creature of strength; a melding of the king of the sky (eagle) and king of the earth (lion).  The colour red used in this series is the same red used by the university.

I’ve always considered Guelph to be earthy and arty.  I grew as a person while going to Guelph; it was where I first spread my wings and ventured from the nest.  I studied psychology and skated varsity for four years, and in my last year took on a leadership role as team captain.  I learned so much at Guelph, even beyond the lecture halls.

Red is one of my favourite colours, and I like how the silvered ivory glass reacted with it in this collection.
Bracelet - Guelph Gryphon
Earrings - Guelph Gryphon
Necklace - Guelph Gryphon
Sculptural Pendant - Guelph Gryphon