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The Distillery District Collection

I went to the grand opening of Toronto’s Distillery District in 2003 and it was the first place I had ever seen glass being made.  I remember visiting the Sandra Ainsley gallery there and being awestruck by the incredible glass sculptures on display.  It was the first place I had ever seen Monkstone, also known as Goldstone, which isn’t stone at all;  it is glass super saturated with copper, that apparently first happened accidentally while Italian monks were performing alchemy.

The red glass in this collection represents the brick cobblestones that line the distillery’s pathways, and I created the sparkling ring by encasing chunks of Monkstone with Rubino Oro glass to give it a heightened golden appearance.

I hope the monks appreciate my efforts.
Bracelet - Distillery District
Earrings - Distillery District
Necklace - Distillery District